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  • Drive to Zero Launches ZETI Data Explorer

    CALSTART’s Drive to Zero program released an interactive online resource, Zero-Emission Technology Inventory (ZETI) Data Explorer, to establish a current and shared knowledge base for worldwide commercially available offerings of zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs). The tool aims to provide fleets and governments with comprehensive information including regions where zero-emission brands are available for…

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  • Green Port Fair at the Port of Long Beach, Nov. 5

    The Port of Long Beach invites the public to their Green Port Fair on Saturday, November 5. The Port is working to become the world’s first zero-emissions seaport and the fair will give everyone a chance to see how they’re working towards environmental sustainability and moving to eliminations all emissions. The free event will feature…

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  • CARB Zoom Training – Nov. 16 In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation

    The Air Resources Board has a regulation to reduce emissions from existing off-road diesel vehicles used in California construction, mining, and other industries.  The In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation (Off-Road Regulation) requires fleets to report to ARB and label their off-road vehicles as well as reduce their overall fleet emissions.  This course provides detailed information…

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  • CARB In-Person Training – Dec. 14 Compliance Overview: Truck & Bus Rule, Off-Road Regulation, and Portable Equipment

    Course topics include the following: Truck and Bus Regulation: Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP): Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation: Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) & Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM): Date:               December 14, 2022 (Offered in-person & via Zoom webinar)Time:        …

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  • CARB In-Person Training – Dec. 15 HD Smog Check – Incl. Inspection and Maintenance

    MS510: CARB Smog Check for Heavy Trucks: The Heavy Duty Inspection and Maintenance (HD I/M) Program – NEW! Prepare for California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) upcoming requirement to regularly test the emission control system of nearly every truck operating within California, regardless of where the tucks owner lives or where the truck is based. The…

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  • President Biden, DOE and DOT Announce $5 Billion for EV Charging Network

    The Departments of Energy and Transportation announced that nearly $5 billion will be allocated over 5 years for states to develop charging stations along designated Alternative Fuels Corridors. The funds will be available under the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program established by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to build out a national…

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  • Biden “Buy American” Initiative Includes Government Fleet Electrification

    Biden “Buy American” Initiative Includes Government Fleet Electrification

    President Joe Biden announced a “Buy American” initiative on Jan. 25, which includes electrification of the federal government fleet. Per the latest Federal Fleet Report, the fleet has over 645,000 vehicles. In 2019, the fleet owned approximately 3,000 battery electric vehicles, less than half a percent of the fleet. The ever-increasing variety of American-made electric…

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  • Hydrogen Cars Sold Out!

    Hydrogen Cars Sold Out!

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  • Amazing News

    Amazing News

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