Drive to Zero Launches ZETI Data Explorer

CALSTART’s Drive to Zero program released an interactive online resource, Zero-Emission Technology Inventory (ZETI) Data Explorer, to establish a current and shared knowledge base for worldwide commercially available offerings of zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs). The tool aims to provide fleets and governments with comprehensive information including regions where zero-emission brands are available for purchase, and the timeline over which additional models are expected to become available. Commercial availability is defined as availability for immediate production based on placed orders.

The ZETI Tool interface was updated recently to include the ability to filter between battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, a feature allowing the comparison of up to three vehicles within a region, and a “badge” icon indicating vehicles for which incentive funding is available for in the U.S. It also allows users to submit information on vehicles which are not in the database, keeping the information up-to-date.

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